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BIA 101

BIA 101 New Edition
The forerunner of BIA Analysis

BIA 101 is the ideal device to detect phase sensitive impedance variations at reasonable costs. Its flexibility renders the BIA 101 suitable for any medical and non-medical use, ranging from the fitness area to life saving theatres; from animal studies or simply solid circuits analysis to livestock assessments.
BIA101 shows direct readouts of resistance and reactance from a 50 kHz sine constant current source, and with the unique add-on that the values are quality-controlled by proprietary microprocessor based feedback. The physiological data analysis yield reliable (three component model) body composition estimates (FM-ECM-BCM) with fluid and hydration diagnosis. 

  • The Body Composition Reference. Over 3.000 validation studies and papers. Over 30.000 sold devices world wide.

New design, new electronics and features:
Li-Ion batteries: up to 10 hour of battery life, reduced recharge time, no memory effect
Alarm LEDs, helping to prevent mistakes and analysis misinterpretation that may occur in case of anomaly
Blue low power led display: high performances, clearer results readings, lower energy consumption
Light weight, thanks to new electronics and Li-Ion batteries
Current injection @ 400 µA; new patient cable with Amphenol connector; data transfer to PC via USB

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Akern Software

Not only Basic...
All the software internally developed is designed to better interpret the BIA data and provide clear and understandable reports.
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AKERN BIA Sciences

Have a free ride  into the body composition planet and learn more on  the physics and the theory of BIA to assess and understand Hydration, Nutrition, Metabolism, Overweight and performances.
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