AKERN Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In relation to the latest events concerning the COVID-19’s emergency, AKERN activated all the possible measures to contain and counteract the spread of the virus in the whole country, in agreement with the guidelines of the Italian Government.

Thanks to the active and continuous monitoring of the external factors that could impact on our ability to evade orders and satisfy our customer’s needs, AKERN keeps granting both manufacturing and service operations.

The flexibility that distinguishes us, enabled to immediately activate special procedures granting the correct handling of goods and the minimization of any disruption in our operations. Moreover, we activated policies, procedures and instruments that allow our team to work from remote.

  • Good’s Handling: All inbound goods are sanitized with alcohol at arrival and when they are opened. All outbound goods are handled with sterile gloves and sanitized before shipment.
  • Inventory: So far, we are not facing any delay from our suppliers. In preparation for any possible future delay, we already identified additional suppliers and components and we increased our stocks to minimize possible issues in evading orders.
  • Deliveries: Until now we are not encountering any delay in our deliveries. We will keep monitoring our express courier alerts and we will update our customers and distributors accordingly.
  • Employees and Travels: In observance of the Decree from the Council of Ministries of Italy, all travels are cancelled until April the 3rd 2020.

Our commercial team will stay 100% operative to grant support for our distributors and that our customer’s needs are satisfied.

In case new directives will force us to a complete lockdown, Akern will keep granting support from remote.
We will keep monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19’s emergency and we will update our procedures according to the guidelines of the WHO, the CDC, the UE and the Italian Government.

AKERN joins all his compatriots by maximizing the effort in counteract the COVID- 19’s emergency and to help Italy to successfully overcome it.