Akern® in orbit

Finally, the NutriSS study is one of 50 experiments dedicated to physiology and robotics carried out during the Beyond Mission on board the International Space Station (ISS).

We know that microgravity during extended space flights can induce a 1 to 5% loss of body mass due to bone decalcification, muscle atrophy and depletion of the body’s nutrient stores of protein, fat and vitamin D. The AKERN® Nutrilab analyser was chosen by the Italian Space Agency, in collaboration with Kayser Italia S.r.l, to monitor the changes in body composition of commander Luca Parmitano. The data analysed in real time by the research group of the University of Trieste was used to optimise a nutritional plan for the astronaut during the mission, to combat the adverse effects of microgravity on musculo-skeletal systems, but it also provides important new evidence for clinical management of malnourished and/or obese immobilised patients.



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