“Point Of Care” for nutritional and hydration monitoring

NUTRILAB™ is a unique, portable multifunction touch-screen bioimpedance system that allows to monitor patients in a non-invasive, operator-independent method in all clinical conditions from ambulatory, to bedside up to homecare.

Developed for immediate classification of patients’ fluids and nutritional status, by detecting bioelectrical parameter alterations (BIVA), NUTRILAB™ enables the assessment of fluid distribution and muscle mass without the “weight” factor as co-predictor.

Test results can be saved in the device memory and subsequently downloaded for further evaluations on the dedicated medical degree software analysis Bodygram® HBO.

NUTRILAB™ has been validated for use in nephrology, cardiology, intensive care, clinical nutrition, oncology, pediatrics and geriatrics, and is the most reliable sensor of:

  • Early identification of phase angle abnormalities as clinical prognostic indicators;
  • Therapy optimization for patients at high risk of events in the short and medium term;
  • Simplifies follow-up protocols after hospital discharge.

The NUTRILAB™ system includes validated prognostic indices:

  • Malnutrition: Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI). Fat Mass Index (FMI), Muscle Tissue Quality Index (MQI);
  • Sarcopenia: Skeletal Muscle Index (SMI);
  • Appendicular Skeletal Muscle Mass (ASMMI): total Muscle Mass (MMI);
  • Survival and prognosis: Phase Angle percentiles and Standardized Phase Angle (SPA);
  • Hospitalization: risk of readmission and length of stay for fluid congestion (HYDRAGRAM®).

It also includes the main nutritional screening questionnaires (MNA®, Must®, NRS 2022).

Technical specifications

  • Device classification
    Class IIa Medical Device - 93/42/EEC
  • Measurement method
    Total body BIA
  • Data on screen
    · Nutritional Scores and Indexes;
    · Nutritional screening questionnaires (MNA®, Must®, NRS®);
    · Body composition estimates
  • Battery charge duration
    4 hours of continuous use, real-time display of battery charge and recharge status
  • Dimensions
    Length x width x height 22.8 x 20.2 x 8 cm
    Weight 1.0 kg
  • Measuring current
    400 μA
  • Frequency
    Sinusoidal signal frequency 50 kHz ±1%
  • Resolution and accuracy
    RESISTANCE (Rz): Resolution 0.1 Ohm - Accuracy 1% REACTANCE (Xc): Resolution 0.1 Ohm - Accuracy 1%
  • Data transmission to the PC
  • Age restrictions
    From 2 years old for the software - From 16 years old for the device

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