Akern®: passion for science

AKERN® develops and produces medical devices for body composition assessment, applying scientific methods and evidence-based medicine with passion and dedication, anticipating needs and identifying safe, and effective solutions to support diagnosis of a variety of human health conditions in a bid to improve people’s live. AKERN®’s presence within the international scientific community is now widely evidenced by ever-growing scientific output which today numbers over 4000 published clinical studies that have chosen AKERN® technology.

Excellence and trustworthiness

Explore and innovate in order to stay “one step ahead” in the world of body composition: this is our goal. Still embracing today the principles on which our company was founded 40 years ago, at AKERN® we strive to succeed, for our company and for the people to whom we offer our services. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to research in the world of body composition, medical devices and software engineering, coupled with rigorous tests and checks on processes, we guarantee high quality standards on every product designed and developed by us.

Reliability and dynamism

Since 1980 AKERN® has been designing, developing and producing increasingly reliable and precise bioimpedance analysers, and is the technology partner of choice for body composition researchers and clinicians throughout Europe. Each day thousands of professionals trust our technology and rely on our expertise. The current demographic and epidemiological changes, coupled with the increasing knowledge in the field of body composition, require constant updating and an absolute need of flexibility. AKERN® multi-disciplinary team of clinical engineers and researchers work in tandem to respond to an endless stream of new challenges, as part of increasingly customized interdisciplinary diagnostics.

Social responsibility

A leading player in the field of body composition, for over 40 years AKERN® has been committed to facing healthcare challenges, striving to improve people’s quality of life. This long-standing commitment translates to a big responsibility that the company honors through:

    1. promoting the advancement of research in acute and chronic degenerative diseases related to body composition alterations, focusing on targeted, precise and increasingly less invasive systems aiming to more customized treatments;
    2. training professionals on bioimpedance analysis in order to guarantee an optimal integration in professional practice and a correct interpretation of results;
    3. support activities aimed at promoting prevention able to engage with communities.

Key role of our customers

Professionals play a central role in the continue evolution and success of the company. AKERN® is dedicated to best understand customer’s needs, so that the solutions proposed can meet true needs and support future challenges. AKERN® works alongside with professionals in order drive together the speed of innovations.

Value of our employees

AKERN®, leading company in the body composition field, is committed to providing an intellectually stimulating work environment, giving value to each single employee by developing their skills to achieve personal development and aid the company meet its goals and success through engagement and motivation.



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