Pioneers and innovators in body composition

AKERN is an Italian company founded in 1980, dedicated to research and development of bioimpedance medical devices and software for body composition analysis.

Thanks to high quality standards and continuous scientific update, AKERN technology delivers clinically significant results to support physicians  and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment of  chronic degenerative diseases.

Working alongside sport and nutrition professionals, AKERN provides technology and know-how to put in practice the science of health and wellbeing.


Science-driven innovation

AKERN strongly believes in the cross fertilization of ideas and collaboration with interdisciplinary scientific community. A science-oriented approach enables to deliver solutions with a significant impact in the evolution of diagnostic systems.


Alongside body composition experts, anticipating the needs of the future

Our mission is to open up new scientific and technological frontiers for the study of body composition to guide professionals towards innovative approaches able to respond to today’s needs and to anticipate those of tomorrow.

Akern numbers

Akern is a fast-paced reality. Our dynamism and commitment is demonstrated by the goals that we achieve every year.



peer review publications citing Akern technology



20 K

AKERN sensors all over the world



18 K

Trained professionals


40 years

of expertise in bioimpedance




Clinical Trials and research projects ongoing



Our latest news

Akern in orbit


Akern in orbit

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