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BIA 101 BIVA® PRO is the new bioimpedance analyser for evaluating nutritional, muscular and hydro-electrolytic status with BIA/BIVA technology.

BIA 101 BIVA® PRO user interface is optimised to increase test reliability and to ease data collection within in any professional setting.

Where innovation meets reliability

Where innovation meets reliability

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    BIA 101 BIVA® PRO features a 5” capacitive touch-screen display and a graphic interface comprised exclusively of icons for enhanced ease of use and immediate access to operating functions.

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    The new SIGNAL QUALITY MANAGER function allow to:

    • Validate bioelectrical data that fall within the physiological acceptability ranges compared to a sample of the general population;
    • Increase the reliability of body composition analysis.

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    BIA 101 BIVA® PRO combines two measurement configurations: TOTAL BIA for full body analysis using standard tetrapolar technique & REGIONAL BIA assessment of single anatomical regions.

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    BIA 101 BIVA® PRO is available in STUDIO and FIELD operating modes, for in outpatient and “in the field” uses. Its database can store up to 150 analyses.

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    BIA 101 BIVA® PRO is a Class IIa CE Medical Device, tested for safe measurements on children, pregnant women and patients carrying implantable medical devices or prostheses.

An unmatchable partner across many fields of application

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    Evaluation of variations in body composition during weight loss and special dietary regimes.

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    Evaluation of body composition and follow-up of fitness programmes.

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    Evaluation of muscular decline and body hydration changes in the elderly.

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    Evaluation and follow-up of height-for-age, weight-for-age development in children.

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    Evolution and control of nutritional and hydration status during pregnancy.

Technical specifications

  • Device classification
    Class IIa Medical Device - 93/42/EEC
  • Display data
    BIA Total Analysis:
    RESISTANCE (Rz) REACTANCE (Xc), Phase Angle (PhA), Total body
    BIA Regional Analysis
    RESISTANCE (Rz), REACTANCE (Xc), Phase Angle of 10 separate anatomical regions
  • Measurement method
    Total Body BIA Analysis, Regional BIA Analysis
  • Display
    5-inch capacitive touch-screen
  • Battery charge duration
    4 hours of continuous use, real-time display of battery charge and recharge status
  • Lightweitght ergonomic design
    600 grams, dimensions cm 20.5 x 15 x 4
  • Measuring current
    250 μA
  • Frequency
    Sinusoidal signal frequency 50 kHz ±1%
  • Resolution and accuracy
    RESISTANCE (Rz): Resolution 0.1 Ohm - Accuracy 1% REACTANCE (Xc): Resolution 0.1 Ohm - Accuracy 1%
  • Data trasmission on the PC
    Bluetooth 4.0 communication protocol - USB
  • Safety alarms
    Infographics and error codes activated automatically when necessary
  • Auto-test
    The device self-tests its calibration against internal standard impedances and checks battery charge and other system functions at each start-up
  • Bioelectric data quality
    During measurement, the Signal Quality Manager (SQM) function classifies data in accordance with physiological acceptability ranges
  • Age range
    3-99 years
  • Database
    Up to 150 analysis records
  • Software
    BODYGRAM® DASHBOARD for Total BIA analyses
    Regional APP™ for Regional BIA analyses
    BODYGRAM® HBO software interface for Hospitals and Universities

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