Gastrointestinal disorders: latest generation Akern® analyzer donated to Parma

The prognosis of patients suffering chronic or oncological diseases also depends on an accurate assessment” are the words of the Director of the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Unit, A.O.U. Parma, after receiving the latest generation of Akern® bioimpedance analyzer, through a donation by the patient association SNUPI.

With Akern® instruments you can immediately measure the state of hydration (with the Hydragram® scale) and the nutritional status (with the Nutrigram® scale) of patients with gastrointestinal pathologies and in particular those with tumors.

Akern® technology, mentioned in over 4000 publications for over 40 years, provides reliable data to support clinicians in the management of acute and chronic diseases related to body composition alterations.

Link to the news: Uno strumento per valutare la composizione corporea donato al reparto di gastroenterologia
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