Bodygram® Previous releases

In over 40 years of market activity, AKERN® has published more than 10 different types of Bodygram® software, which are also necessary to ensure compatibility with PCs and operating systems continually brought to market. AKERN® is able to provide support for the various versions of Bodygram® up to 5 years after the discontinuation of the marketing of the software itself: after that date, AKERN® cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the most obsolete versions of Bodygram® (Bodygram® Plus, Bodycomp MF HEXA, Bodycomp MF Lite, Bodygram® PRO), on the latest operating systems and strongly recommends switching to Bodygram® Dashboard.

Bodygram® Dashboard is the latest version of AKERN®‘s cloud software with an annual renewable license, and is the most comprehensive expression of AKERN®‘s scientific advancement and more than 40 years of experience in the world of bioimpedance. The platform is constantly maintained and managed for bug & issue resolution, updated with the latest scientific literature, and thoroughly validated and tested by the research & development team to ensure the practitioner a complete and reliable platform for body composition analysis.

Bodygram® PRO
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Bodycomp MF HEXA
2014 – 2019
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For hospitals
Contact us at indicating the serial number of the device to receive the link for the download. Download manual
2014 – 2019
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Bodygram® Dashboard
from 2019 is the current version
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Support for AKERN ® software, is guaranteed up to 5 years after their phase-out from the market. After this date, AKERN ® no longer provides software support but merely supports the transfer of data from obsolete software to newer software.



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