Fitness & Body Composition.
Towards the future of training systems

Training planning is a process aimed at achieving a goal, which must take into account both the individual performance status and body composition.

FITNESS APP is the first software application that allows fitness professionals to easily collect, manage and integrate functional and body composition assessment, to set up an adequate training program and for correct monitoring of the active subject.
With a single application it’s possible to manage:

  • Body Composition analysis;
  • Anthropometric analysis;
  • Functional analysis.

Features included

Un approccio di precisione individualizzato, per la definizione dei programmi di allenamento.

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    Basal evaluation

    Start with a complete analysis
    FITNESS APP makes use of all the methodologies studied and perfected to obtain an accurate and complete basal assessment, a fundamental prerequisite for planning a training that respects the physiology of the subject. FITNESS APP guides the practitioner during the first evaluation through 5 phases.
    Body composition assessment:

    • Bioimpedance
    • Anthropometric evaluation
    • Circumferences
    • Functional evaluation
    • Cardiorespiratory capacity
    • Muscle performance
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    Define the most suitable path for each subject
    Correct targeting is the first step to accompany the subject towards achieving the result. Each goal must be well defined, measurable and achievable. With FITNESS APP it is possible to set 6 different goals to calibrate workloads, type and frequency of training on the basis of individual performance status and body composition:

    • Strengthening
    • Strength & Endurance
    • Weight Loss
    • Aesthetic Fitness
    • Fitness and Wellbeing
    • Health and Prevention
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    Standard protocol

    Set up a personalized follow-up that is sensitive to the smallest changes
    Based on the GOAL set for the subject, FITNESS APP suggests standardized and optimized assessment protocols to track minimal individual changes in body composition.

    • Targeted analysis: collect only the metrics you need to track specific changes
    • Fast analysis: follow a guided and optimized procedure to quickly collect essential data
    • Personalized analysis: get the right protocol to guide your client towards the result
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    Reports & tool

    Communicate progress, transfer your value with new tools for immediate interpretation of functional and body composition data.
    FITNESS APP provides customizable reports that integrate anthropometric and body composition functional data, to communicate effectively with the customer by transferring professionalism and competence.

    Bia charts

    Correlates data of Phase Angle (PhA) with Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (SMI)

    Correlates the Fat Mass Index (FMI) data with the Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (SMI).

    Correlates the Extra Cellular Water Index (ECWI) data with the Skeletal Muscle Mass Index (SMI).

    The report generator of the FITNESS APP is able to manage more than 40 combinations of functional, anthropometric and body composition variables.

    Representative image
    Representative image
    Representative image

Beyond Biavector

Individual and specific evaluation of the active subject, using new statistical tools and vector graphics.

Biavector ™ allows you to track even slight changes in body composition. However, athletes subjected to training programs to increase muscle mass show a variation in the impedance patterns, which makes the classic references of the normal population inapplicable. To this end, with the FITNESS APP, AKERN introduces new analytical tools, for a correct follow-up of the active subject.


BIVA specific population analysis: the result of processing thousands of data obtained from measurements made with AKERN technology, the new tolerance ellipses, specific for the Fitness population, allow to trace the evolution of the active subject through vector displacement. Specific areas of the FITNESS VECTOR define different levels of performance.


BIVA analysis on a single individual: this graphic function is based on the individual analysis of bioimpedance data and allows you to:

  • PREVENT muscle damage linked to fatigue and dehydration.
  • RESPECT THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE ATHLETE by tracing with greater sensitivity the minimal changes in muscle and hydration of each subject following nutritional and / or preparation interventions.
  • SET RECOVERY PROGRAMS specific to the individual.

Advantages for Fitness professionals

Our goal is your success
Reference in the field of bioimpedance, AKERN provides fitness professionals with advanced solutions to evolve and be more successful.

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    The best service that can be offered is the personalized one. Workloads, type and frequency of training are increasingly calibrated on the basis of the body composition of the individual. AKERN follows the evolution of the fitness world and provides professionals with a single solution, able to offer a personalized service for anyone who wants to improve their physical shape.

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    The correct framing of the subject, based on his functional characteristics and body composition, helps not only to set achievable goals but also to identify his real needs. The working method proposed by the FITNESS APP allows the personal trainer to choose the most appropriate training program but also to strengthen the bond with the client.

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    AKERN services connected to the FITNESS APP help you to increase and promote your technical skills:

    • AKERN training and Partners: thanks to the trust and collaboration of authoritative trainers, AKERN offers high-level training and refresher courses for fitness professionals.
      Check the training offer!
    • FITNESS APP Starter Kit: building your network has never been easier! AKERN offers you a promotional kit with printed material (Brochures, posters, tickets for appointments), that supports you in your professional activity.


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