Akern® participates in the first joint Italy-China symposium of Clinical Nutrition and Low Muscle Mass

The first Clinical Nutrition and Muscle Loss Symposium organized by EnterNutrition was held in Guangzhou.

The event was attended by internationally renowned clinical nutrition experts, along with numerous companies operating in the sector.

Akern® is pleased to have virtually made her contribution with an intervention focused on current challenges and new approaches for diagnosing malnutrition and sarcopenia.

Among the speakers also Prof. Riccardo Caccialanza, Director of UOC Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition at IRCCS. San Matteo Pavia shared the European protocols for the standardized management of malnourished cancer patients with the overseas public.

This initiative highlighted not only the interesting synergy between the diagnostic and therapeutic solutions offered by AKERN® and EnterNutrition but also offered an important opportunity to bring together the voices of the world’s leading clinical nutrition experts.

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