BIATRODES® electrodes

Innovative technology for more accurate results

The quality of electrodes for bioimpedance analysis is the first requirement to meet in order to obtain accurate, repeatable results.

As shown in the study by Nescolarde et al 2016, BIATRODES® electrodes, unlike other common electrodes analysed, return excellent impedance values for BIA/BIVA analysis (intrinsic impedance < 30 Ohm).
Negligible intrinsic impedance is an essential characteristic of electrodes for carrying out accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Electrodes with poor conductivity, which are not certified for bioimpedance analysis, can cause errors in measurement amounting to tens of Ohm, resulting in changes in estimates of several kilos and significant phase angle variations.

AKERN electrodes provide the device with the ideal sensitivity, respecting optimal standards of conductivity.

Characteristics of BIATRODES® electrodes

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    High conductivity

    This characteristic is obtained through the use of silver in the construction of the electrode’s conductive layer (the surface in contact with the alligator clip of the patient cable).

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    Low polarisation low intrinsic impedance

    The conductive layer of Biatrodes electrodes is composed of a grid of silver/chlorine ions deposited on the plastic support.

    This innovative design, in particular:

    • Reduces the phenomenon of polarisation of the signal on the skin of the patient being tested. In this way, the measurement is rapidly stabilised for immediate data reading by the user.
    • Reduce the intrinsic impedance of the electrode for greater accuracy of the result.
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    Conductive adhesive not prone to drying

    Like ECG electrodes, the most widely used electrodes for bioimpedance are characterised by the presence of a liquid conductive gel which may be prone to drying. The drying out of electrodes may lead to a skewing of results.

    The contact-surface of BIATRODES® electrodes is comprised of a solid, high-density conductive gel that keeps the skin hydrated, guaranteeing stable performance up to 5 hours. The excellent adhesive and elastic properties of the gel offers a strong contact even in the case of patients with hypertrichosis or dry skin, guaranteeing painless removal.

    The innovative formulation of the conductive gel does not require any special storage conditions. BIATRODES® electrodes can be stored at room temperature (10°C – 32°C) for up to 24 months.



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