BIVATRODES® electrodes

A new design for even more repeatable, safe measuring

Incorrect placement of electrodes represents, for bioimpedance, the biggest source of error and may severely affect the test reliability.

The difference in distance between the sensing electrode and the injection electrode, which could be introduced by different users or users with little practical experience, brings about reading errors in impedance of up to 15% (Dunbar 1994, Schell 1987, Evans 1998).

BIVATRODES® electrodes are designed to allow ACCURATE and REPEATABLE measurements through a new design that minimises measurement errors.

The presence within each electrode of both a stimulation area and a sensing area eliminates the variability linked to alignment and inter-distance between electrodes, ensuring consistent placement on hands and feet of any size. The tang for connecting to the alligator clip of the patient cable eliminates placement errors between the electrode and the contacts, ensuring correct signal conduction.

These characteristics enable excellent reproducibility of results (CV<1%).



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